What does queer success look like?

We all know what success “should” look like — a dazzling career, plenty of money, socially-sanctioned relationships. Upward, linear trajectories of expansion and growth in all areas of life.But what happens when those “shoulds” feel constricting, rather than inspiring, or when those kinds of success simply don’t fit with who you are or who or how you want to be?

In this 90-minute workshop, we'll make space to look askance at the stories we’ve been offered about building a meaningful life, and seeing what, if anything, can be salvaged or reclaimed.We'll consider the queer possibilities illuminated by the branching networks of mycelium, the decomposition and recomposition of compost heaps, and the surprisingly non-linear paths of rivers.And we'll make space to remember the world beyond the narrow model of linear growth and progress — a world that has space for us to thrive, exactly as we are.

We made this workshop for everyone who:

- Feels restricted by, uncomfortable with, or disappointed in mainstream definitions of success
- Is exhausted from working so hard to have the kind of life everyone says we "should" have
- Feels hooked into making decisions based on external definitions of success
- Is longing for a sense of purpose, but can't find it in the stories we're told
- Would like to dissolve dominant narratives of success rooted in capitalism and colonialism
- Wants more expansive possibilities for how we might live and find meaningful lives
- Wants to nerd out about queerness, nonbinarity, and nature

This workshop is sliding-scale and no one is turned away for lack of funds.
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